Job Description:

Chimney Sweep/Inspector
The following is a description of the job duties of a chimney sweep.
1.) Inspect and evaluate chimneys using the Level I and Level II methods described in the NFPA 211 Standards (current edition) and our inspection equipment.
2.) Sweep chimneys, smoke chambers, dampers, fireboxes, and flues for prefabricated fireplaces, wood stoves, wood furnaces, and masonry fireplaces using wire and poly brushes from the bottom and from the top of the flues.
3.) Set up and climb ladders, climb roofs
4.) Set up tarps and runners inside the home to protect from dust and soot.
5.) Write reports on your findings using our forms.
6.) Some lifting overhead is required.
7.) Talk with homeowners, explain condition of the chimney and any repairs needed, as for forward scheduled appointment.
8.) Parge and repair smoke chambers: reach up inside damper area into smoke chamber, apply high-temp sticky mortar to the walls of the smoke chamber. May require standing, squatting, sitting inside fireplace to access interior of smoke chamber.
9.) Stand on scaffolding and ladders.
10.) Clean out trucks, keep tools in order, clean up tools.
1l.) Install chimney covers with screwdriver.
12.) Do minor firebox and crown repairs.
13.) Other duties when not working in the field may include keeping the truck clean and organized, taking out trash at the office or warehouse, organizing and cleaning the warehouse or office or helping crews on relining or repair jobs. Other misc. duties may apply to this job.
14.) Red Cross First Aid and CPR training is mandatory every three years.

Attendance at chimney sweep training school and certification testing will be required after your apprenticeship period. Other training and certifications may be required in the future, based on additional job duties you may be assigned such as installation of heating appliances. Attendance at National and regional chimney association seminars and conventions may be required in order to obtain CEU credits, which will mean travel over a period of several days.

Safety meeting and employee meeting attendance is required of all employees.

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